• About Us
  • We here at Among The Reef are not only extremely passionate about our business and providing the healthiest saltwater fish, coral and inverts online, but we are also extremely dedicated hobbyists.

    We started our first saltwater tank many years ago. Our first tank was an off the shelf 55 gallon tank. Naturally we really didn’t know what we were doing. The tank used hang on the back filter and skimmer, had one small powerhead, weak lights and a heater.

    We started out with a Clownfish and Blue Tang. Of course we had tank crashes due to uncured live rock and not knowing what we were doing. Then once we started to get it down, we started to overpopulate the tank. After our second tank crash, we redid the entire tank and kept the stocking level low and kept the water extremely clean.

    Overtime we moved on to 135 and 240 gallon tanks. Based on the area in our house, we had a custom 10 foot tank built to fit exactly in our desired location. The tank is roughly 500 gallons with another 200 gallons in the custom 8 foot sump tank.

    This tank is large enough to keep a host of our favorite fish (Tangs) and other reef safe species of fish. Also we are going to keep our stock level low and add lots of coral to have a nice balanced mixed reef system.

    We have had a lot of success in the past with businesses that are in hobbies that we are passionate about. Saltwater fish and coral was a natural business for us to progress into. Our background is in developing and architecting both high traffic and high sales volume sites. So having an online store for marine livestock was a perfect fit for us.

    We also only work with the nation’s best provider of saltwater livestock, so we have full trust in telling our customers that our livestock is amongst the healthiest, if not the healthiest, livestock available online.

    Among The Reef in the end is a site for hobbyists run by hobbyists…

    If you have any questions about Among The Reef, please feel free to contact us.

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