• Payment Information
  • The team behind Among The Reef has been responsible for building many large e-commerce sites over the last 10 years. This has given us some valuable experience in building both easy to use and extremely secure e-commerce sites.

    Every single page and piece of content on Among The Reef is served over secure socket layer (SSL). This means that the entire time you are browsing Among The Reef you are on a 100% secure connection. Our SSL certificates are up and above modern standards and are 2048-bit, meaning you can rest assured that any data you submit to us is secure.

    Among The Reef offers two methods of payment. You can either pay with a credit card or via PayPal. Use which ever method you feel most comfortable with, or is most convenient to you.

    Credit Cards

    We accept all major credit cards and use Authorize.Net to process all of our credit card orders. Authorize.Net is the gold standard of payment processors. They have over 400,000 merchant customers and do over $100 billion in transactions each year.

    By using Authorize.Net to process your order, we can assure you that the chances of your payment details being compromised are as near to zero as possible.


    PayPal is the most respected names in online payment. By offering PayPal as a method of payment to our customers, we offer the ease and convenience of the PayPal checkout on Among The Reef. PayPal also offers a variety of ways to pay for your order as well, including delayed payments with BillMeLater.

    Privacy Policy

    Among The Reef runs on a secure connection and all data collected by us for you order such as your billing and shipping information is securely stored on our servers. None of your data is ever shared with any other businesses or any individuals who are not employed by Among The Reef. You can rest assured that your personal information is safe with us.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our accepted methods of payment.

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